So, my new toy is up and running, and I’ve had a pleasant surprise in hearing from many friends, some long-lost, who have come across the site. I have also come to appreciate the burdens of publishing: having to create fresh content for something like this can very nearly become a full-time job, if one isn’t disciplined. (I’ve got a pretty interesting full-time job, and a big new writing challenge on the side already.) At the other extreme, of course, the whole project can be allowed to flag and stagnate, but that would be no fun.
My plan, for now, is to add some content, whether text or photos, every day. What I would most enjoy is seeing more from all of you. Many have written privately, with interesting comments about books or music or travel, or whatever. It would be great if, in the future, you would post your comments here — even simple greetings.

The photo section has been growing particularly fast, and lots of new galleries are in the works — all my pictures, unless otherwise noted. (I’m inviting some gifted photograper friends to post some of their work here, and expect to feature some of them soon.)

One thought on “Content”

  1. How interesting that a senior writer for the New York Times has his own China blog!
    I hope it doesn’t bother you that I call it that–it’s obviously much more and everything looks great. Anyway, I guess one could say that you have a leg up on the rest of us.
    Welcome online and hey why not check out my own blog at ?!?!?!

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