I’m off to the States (Michigan) for a talk and a very quick trip. Life is busy, sometimes you think too busy, but it is unfailingly rich. I’m hard-pressed to write for this space as often as I would like. So much juice goes into the day job, into family, into reading, into other writing projects.
I hope I’m keeping a rich enough mix of new materials in the other sections, particularly “Snippets,” which I update most often, too keep things going. I also plan to update the photos more often, both by steadily adding more galleries, and steadily adding to the ones that exist. The Shanghai, Japan and general China photo galleries, in particular, will keep growing with time.
I’ve got tons of more pictures, essentially archival stuff that I’ll add when time allows, and I especially like the idea of posting something from each of my trips as I go forward, which means that with time, given my travel routines, there’ll be huge amounts of stuff up.
I just started reading Pankaj Mishra’s “An End to Suffering” this afternoon, and am looking forward to spending several hours with it on the airplane. The writing is sublime. His descriptive powers are fantastic, and best of all, he is a writer in love with ideas — here, a young Indian man’s unique exploration of Buddhism. More on this book at the end of my trip.

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