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Sometimes you open the newspaper or a magazine and start reading and think ‘there it is, just what I’ve been thinking about.’
That happened this morning as I read a day old Financial Times article. I’d been too busy to read it last night, when it was only half a day old, and am increasingly finding myself reading yesterday’s newspapers at breakfast. (I long ago adopted the practice of putting my New Yorkers and Harpers and NYRBs in a bedside stack, letting them age before I read them, rationalizing that the lag gives me a better perspective on the pertinence of anything “topical”.)
Anyway, back to the FT. Lucy Kellaway, one of their columnists is having trouble focusing these days. She’s feeling a bit distracted. Having trouble getting going some days. And I thought it was just me!
Lucy’s observational gems are numerous. As a foretaste, here are some of her tips.
2. Keep a section of your work space clear at all times. A messy desk is simply how I work. When I give it a partial tidy, I often feel worse.
3. Don’t e-mail until you’ve done other things first. I find e-mail helps me warm up in the morning, so I see nothing to be gained by this.
4. Get enough sleep. I quite agree. Only wish it was that easy.
You can savor it all here.Click to read more On the previous page of the same Jan. 10, 2005 FT was an article under the headline: The ‘dismal science’ turns its attention to happiness. There, next to the headline was a scatter graph purporting to show the relative happiness of nations, with one axis being contentment, and the other GDP.
It turns out Ghanaians are happier than Americans, almost even with the Swiss, who come in second place just behind the Dutch. Who’s least happy? They’re having a hard time in the former Soviet republics. Spare a thought for Ukraine, Belarus and Georgia…

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