Shaolin Temple

As promised folks, I’ve posted the pictures from Dengfeng, in Henan Province, where we visited the Shaolin Temple. The boys loved it, getting a kick (ha ha) in particular from the demonstrations of the temple’s masters, hanging out with the abbot, who heads the temple, and visiting some of the many extraordinarily large kung fu schools that line the road leading to the temple.
The only downside was the weather. It was bitterly cold. The coldest, perhaps, that I’ve experienced in China, save for a trek over the Tianshan mountains, in March 2004 (Click to view photos). Henry NEVER gets cold, and yet complained of the chill at the temple. Billy joked that his feet were so numb he felt like he had been to the ‘foot dentist.’
With no further ado, I’ll point you to the Shaolin pictures. Click to view photos
I’ve got lots of work to do still on captions on many of my galleries, and indeed there will be new galleries coming in the next few days, of Berlin, Paris and Singaopore. When time allows, I am planning on scanning and posting lots of archival materials, as well, from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America.
Some words are in order about the horrible Tsunami that has struck much of Asia and East Africa.
Happy New Year.

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