Australian Troops Protecting Japanese Troops in Iraq


Seen online: From a Reuters news article about the sending of more Australian troops
to Iraq for the purpose of protecting Japanese SDF:
“Opinion polls showed Australians opposed sending the extra troops to Iraq. A telephone survey of 17,000 people by Channel Ten television found 71 percent opposed the deployment compared with 29 percent in favor. The 50 percent increase in Australian troop numbers in Iraq
follows the withdrawal of Dutch soldiers from the south of the troubled
country and Howard did not rule out sending more.”
A commentator’s wonderment:
“How absurd is it for a foreign country to send troops to another foreign country and then import other foreign troops in to guard them?
And when one foreign country decides to pull its troops out of the invaded country the remaining foreign country’s troops have to get
some other foreign country to come and guard their troops that nobody wants there in the first place?”

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