The New Year (Chinese)

What’s the sound of 1.3 billion people partying? Count the tons of TNT. Light a fuse. Stand back! It is New Years once again — my second in Shanghai, and all around my house it has sounded like Dresden during the bombings for the past several hours (and I have a full week of this to look forward to!).
I’ve been posting pix from my Vietnam trip, and, in the latest gallery, stuff from my third adventure in Yunnan Province, which properly should have preceeded the Vietnam pix, because I traveled to Hanoi overland via Yunnan, which I confess to starting to develop a weakness for.
The shots in the Yunnan gallery, by the way are mostly of border towns, notably Malipo and Hekou, where I walked across a bridge and caught an overnight train on the Vietnamese side for Hanoi. The cemetary scenes are from a monument to the Chinese soldiers killed in the brief but bloodly war fought with Vietnam, beginning in 1979.
The posting of pictures is slower going than I would like because I mostly used my vintage OM4, which requires scanning, favoring it over my little Casio.
Both galleries, the latest Yunnan shots, and the Vietnam gallery will swell in the next couple of days, so if you are interested, you’ll have to keep coming back.
I nearly added the promised excerpts from Pankaj Mishra’s book, the End of Suffering, which is a real gem. Maybe tomorrow. I’m reading “Mr. China” now, by Tim Clissold. It promises to be a quickie, and I’ll report more on that soon.
One more notice: Stuart Isett has sent me some gorgeous shots from his work on Japanese nationalists. With his permission, I’ll be posting them as a gallery tomorrow.

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