There is a now-moribund magazine by this name which had been published for many years in Paris. I read it often in my early African days. The title encapsulates a dream I’ve had since that time of knowing these two huge continents, of exploring links between them. I can also remember thinking thoughts like these while staring in wonderment at the album cover of Duke Ellington’s classic, “The Afro-Eurasian Eclipse.” Ahh the reverie of youth… I’ve managed somehow to realize a lot of this stuff, without plan or roadmap, finding myself in East Asia for nearly eight years now — almost as long as I lived in West Africa — and now running this most modest website, eclectically trying to pluck and pull together things of interest from around the world, but most especially from my two zones of predilection.
The hope is that I don’t turn off the Asia folks (I almost got carried away and said ‘crowd,’ but that would be way too extravagant.), or conversely, leaving the Africa folks thinking there isn’t enough here to hold their interest.
While posted comments are always welcome, just as great, perhaps even better would be suggestions of material to post: published articles, little snippets of personal experience, like Robert’s postcard from Monrovia, where he has just relocated, book recommendations, musical suggestions, in short, anything.
I’ve got some very interesting trips coming up, and hope to liven up the photo offerings with them soon. Stay tuned.

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