China puts forward advice to eliminate racism

People’s Daily

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March 22, 2005
China put forward three recommendations to eliminate
racism at a high-level meeting of the United Nations
Commission on Human Rights on Monday.
“First, western countries must pay adequate attention
to the problem of racism and take effective measures
to root out racism,” said La Yifan, alternative
representative of the Chinese delegation to the 61th
annual session of the principal UN human rights body.
Western countries’ inadequate recognition of the harm
of racism and their lukewarm measures against it are
the root causes for the present spread of racism, said
the official.
“Second, while helping the developing countries to
reduce poverty and making an effort to narrow the gap
between rich and poor, the international community
should also strongly advocate for racial equality and
harmony as well as dialogue between different
civilization,” he added.
He also called on the United Nations to beef up its
anti-racism work. “It had already adopted a series of
measures in this regard,however, their impact and
effectiveness had been hampered by various factors,”
he said.
La pointed out that it was extremely disappointing and
regrettable that nearly four years after the World
Conference against Racism, instead of being checked,
racism had manifested itself in ever-greater frequency
and newer forms.
It was constantly propagating itself, and without
resolute counter measures, extreme forms of racism,
such as new theories of racial superiority, neo-nazism
and neo-fascism would once again move onto the front
stage, bringing calamities to mankind, he said.
Source: Xinhua

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