Postcard from Liberia

Hey Howard, sorry to have been out of touch for so long… though
Monrovia is certainly sweeter than we used to know it, things take
time, oh! I remember now that tomorrow here means next week, and
though I find certain joy in this, it is taking time for me to shed my DC habits.
I have been here now for nearly three weeks, and we are settling in
nicely. We live in a nice bungalow right on the beach in Sinkor…
not too far from Weah’s old hotel (the one you liked to stay at). It
is now called the Royal and they have opened a huge new restaurant/bar in the back that is one of the best places in town to eat.
Just got the internet at our house for the bargain price of $730 USD,
and it works sparingly. I am told that we got a deal. I also just
bought a car (1990 Mitsubishi Galant) with 200000 miles on it that runs well. My first car purchase ever.
This place is buzzing. Monrovia is teeming and it feels like the peace could last as everyone is tired of war, oh. The election date is set for October 11, and there is the expected back and forth over the timetable, parties, candidates, etc. I think right now there are about 20 declared candidates, and more on the way. I am sure it will heat up here, but the UN presence is heavy (5000 Irish troops camped in and around the Hotel Africa – needless to say, the bar scene is bustling), so I think all will remain just hala-hala.
I hope this finds you well. Robert
Click to see some of Robert’s Africa photos, including his barracuda catch

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