Racial Slurring of Condoleeza Rice in China

From a China forum

This letter appeared on a discussion group about Chinese affairs that I monitor.
“Reading Liu Xiaobo’s content analysis of major Chinese Internet BBS
forums in the immediate aftermath of Secretary Rice’ visit to China last
week, I, as a person of Chinese descent, felt thoroughly disgusted and
deeply ashamed by the outburst of the ugliest possible racial slurs
launched by the Chinese masses against Black Americans in general and
Secretary Rice in particular. It’s all because she urged China, in the
mildest posssible form, to be more democratic, and to be cool on
sabre-rattling at Taiwan.
The last time we saw ultranationalism marry racism was in the 1930s on
such a large scale in countries such as Germany.
If China ever is going to emerge as a civilized nation, it will have to
someday deal with its own chauvinistic culture and unsavory racism. So
many people in China are used to pointing finger accusingly at others
for racism and discrimination, yet they never realize while doing so
they also point three fingers to themselves.
These slurs are so unprintable as reported in Liu’s analysis, I will
have to just attach them here for you to draw your own conclusion.

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