I’ve gotten a fair amount of feedback these last few days, which makes running this site, a hobby, you could say, all the more fun. To those who write directly to my globetrotter email, I’d like to encourage you to post your comments here. For those who post their comments here, I’d like to ask those who have queries or questions or comments that seek or deserve a response to copy your message to the globetrotter address, which makes it easier for me to get back to you. I promise a reply, but would like to keep my own opinionated remarks offline.
I’m in Jilin Province in northeastern China for the next few days. Pix coming this weekend. I’ll have some more big trip plans to announce in a few more days. I’m also hoping to post some overdue Reading Table and Sounds stuff very soon. China Inc., by Ted Fishman, which I’m finishing now, is better than I expected. The Love Wife, by Gish Jen, which I praised elsewhere on the site, starts fantastically well, but sort of petered out.

2 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. Hopefully your musings won’t be “sparse” (not to put pressure on you).
    Anyway, I enjoy the website for the photos that are extra goodies from your NY Times articles. I’m also looking to read “China, Inc.” so I’m interested in your take on it. I’m a little skeptical about the book since Fishman is not a recognizable China hand
    Ben 🙂

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