Chinese protest Japan UNSC seat

Yasuharu Seki – Yomiuri Shimbun

4 April 2005
Yomiuri Shimbun Correspondent
More than 2,000 people took to the streets Sunday in
Shengzhen, Guangdong Province, China, where many
Japanese firms operate, to protest Japan’s bid for a
seat on the United Nations Security Council.
The protesters called for a boycott of Japanese
products and collected signatures for their anti-Japan
The rally, organized by the Guangdong Patriotic
Volunteers Network and other groups of local youths,
was one of the largest anti-Japan protests ever
organized in China by private organizations.
Banners bearing anti-Japan slogans, such as “Get out
of Diaoyutai” (the Chinese name for the Senkaku
Islands) and “Return resources to China,” were hung in
the square in central Shengzhen where the rally was
The protesters, most of who were in their early 20s,
said Japan should not become a member of the Security
Council because it had not adequately reflected on its
They also said the Chinese should not forget the
invasion of their country by Japan, and called for a
boycott of Japanese products and for Prime Minister
Junichiro Koizumi to be toppled.
As some onlookers joined in, excited demonstrators
destroyed ads for Japanese products at stores around
the square.
The Chinese government usually imposes restrictions on
rallies and demonstration, but the more than 200
police officers deployed to the scene kept a low
profile, indicating tacit approval for the rally.
When the rally ended after about an hour, the
participants divided into two groups and marched in
One group marched to a Jusco supermarket, which is run
by a Japanese company, where those who tried to enter
were blocked by armed police officers, resulting in a
tussle in which some demonstrators threw objects at
the officers.
According to an organization official, six cities in
the province, including Guangzhou and Dongwan,
launched campaigns to collect signatures against
Japan’s bid for a Security Council membership.
They also started boycotts of Japanese products, such
as beer and cell phones, he said.
Kyodo News
3 April 2005
Japanese store in China attacked during demo against
SHENZHEN, April 3, Kyodo –
A demonstration Saturday in central China against
Japan’s bid to obtain a permanent seat on the U.N.
Security Council turned violent as protestors
vandalized a Japanese-owned supermarket there, it was
learned Sunday.
According to the Japanese Consulate General in
Chongqing, following the three-hour demonstration in
Chengdu, Sichuan Province, around 30 people smashed
windows of the Ito-Yokado outlet.
There were unconfirmed reports of some people being
detained. Including onlookers, several hundred people
had gathered in front of the store during the
While many protests have been staged in China against
Japan’s attempt to become a permanent member of the
U.N. Security Council, Saturday’s demonstration was
apparently the first to result in actual damage to
Japanese property.
The consulate general proposed to the Sichuan
provincial government beefing up security to prevent a
recurrence of such an incident.

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