Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Robert M. Pirsig

I read this late in highschool, it made a deep impression, even though it left me more confused than I cared to admit to myself at the time. Then I forgot it. Or almost forgot it.
Something reminded me of it recently. Perhaps it was the long road trips I’ve taken in various parts of China, and a fair amount of religious and philospohical writing related to my China assignment.
Don’t be scared away by the preceeding sentence. The book is a delight, especially the quiet ways in which it explores relationships between family members and friends, and in the way Pirsig talks about our relationship with technology, as well.
There’s not a whole lot of Zen, as the intervening years have taught me. Rather, you’ll find a fair amount of philosophical rumination, relieved by the author’s gift for landscape and other descriptive writing.

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