Blue Ridge

I’m on vacation in the States for the next couple of weeks, with family in the Blue Ridge Mountains — home — in Virginia.
I’ve always had a nagging sense of guilt for not updating this section of the site more often, but many other demands on my time have made that impractical. In the meantime, I hope people appreciate the frequently updated news offerings in the Snippets section, and the ever expanding photo galleries. On the latter, there’s a bit of news, as evidenced by the latest gallery — in black & white.
I’ve bought a medium format camera and am going to use it whenever practical, alongside my trusty Casio digital. I hope you’ll notice the improved resolution and more attention to composition. I’ve posted a couple of shots in this first medium format gallery in high resolution, just to give a flavor for the sharpness one can achieve with 120 mm film and good lenses.
There’ll be more news to come soon about pictures, and perhaps, too, about music.

One thought on “Blue Ridge”

  1. NIce medium format pictures, Howard!
    Looks like there might be either a light meter issue, a light leak or some wacky fixing going on.
    Still, I think Shanghai Gotham and the Woman with a basket are very appealing photos.
    It was nice seeing you guys last week! I am stuck in China till Saturday.

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