Japanese invasion 60 years ago put China 50 years backin social progress

People’s Daily

6 July 2005
Japan’s invasion on China 60 years ago retarded
China’s social development for half a century, leaving
Chinese great pains never to be forgotten, said a
Chinese history researcher in Beijing on July 5.
Dr. Bian Xiuyue, researcher on modern history with the
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said Japan’s
invasion on China during 1931 and 1945 wreaked havoc
on the Chinese people, causing great casualties,
economic and cultural losses and more importantly,
“retarded China’s social modernization process for as
long as 50 years.”
From 1937 to 1945 alone, when the Chinese waged the
war against Japanese invasion, the Japanese army
killed tens of millions of Chinese in more than 4,000
“Japanese atrocities happened on almost two thirds of
the Chinese territory and covered most of the 14 years
from the time Japan started the war to its defeat,”
Bian said.
He said over 250 killing methods were used by Japanese
troops on Chinese, many women and children.
He estimated the war caused the loss of a population
of 50 million.
Most part of China, except Tibet and Xinjiang, was
directly under the Japanese scourge and bombarded by
Japanese warplanes, he said.
He said the research showed that the war brought about
100 billion US dollars of direct and 500 billion
dollars of indirect economic losses to China.
“Of course, losses investigation of the war were not
adequate both in war time and space coverage given
limitations under the warring state,” he said. “It is
almost impossible to get a precise answer on the
damages and calamities by Japan’s invasion.”
He stressed that the academic circle should keep on
studying the impact of the war and how it set back
China’s social progress.
“I can say without any exaggeration that China was
hurt most in the world Anti-Fascist War. No other
country like China suffered so heavy losses and paid
so high prices for the war.”
“Although China renounced war compensation from Japan,
it doesn’t mean the nation will forget the calamities
and losses we suffered. The Chinese will never forget
Japanese army’s war crimes and inhuman atrocities.”
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One thought on “Japanese invasion 60 years ago put China 50 years backin social progress”

  1. The learned professor neglected to mention, in addition to Japanese conduct in China, the Russian invasion and occupation of the northeast; post-1911 chaos and factional fighting among Chinese warlords; the devastating civil war fought by KMT and CCP; and then, after the Japanese were defeated and expelled, nationalization of assets, the destruction of industry and the waste of the economic resource base.
    Why these comments of his and their publication? A cleaving to the party line? More fodder for the recent anti-Japanese attack? A poverty of academic objectivity? Or all of the above?
    Rich Kuslan
    Asia Business Intelligence

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