Liberia: Message to the George M. Weah — No More War; Weah must accept Liberia’s elections result

Rufus S. Berry II – Rufus S. Berry – The Liberian Times

Nov 10, 2005
Author: Rufus S. Berry II, President
King George M. Weah, you have done much that is great and right, stay the course and gracefully welcome Liberiaís duly elected President Ellen. You must call of the rally of your diehard supporters on November 11, because it is a guise for planned violence.
Kingís FM broadcast this morning, November 10, announced that CDC is urging all its supporters, partisans and well wishers to assemble tomorrow November 11, 2005 at the partyís headquarters ìfor an important meetingî. According to the announcement, which was signed by the Cudís Executive Committee, those from areas such as Kakata and Harbel are also invited to the meeting. The announcement said, ìmatters of vital importance will be discussedî in the meeting. Mr. Weah, for the sake of the country, I strongly suggest you call off this rally as it will lead to violence and you, and you alone, will be held responsible.
The election is over and Ellen has won. I hope you will be graceful in accepting defeat. You are barley 40 years old and have many good years ahead of you. However, you are now on the path to self-destruction.
Ellen will become Liberiaís 23rd President, and the first female to be freely elected leader of an African nation. For the sake of maintaining your magnificent legacy, and admiration of many people around the world, you should do everything humanly possible to make sure your diehard supporters donít act foolishly by turning to violence. Otherwise, you will be the greatest loser, and all the love and admiration you have earned over the years will disappear. Mr. Weah, you are still young, with many useful years ahead of you. Do not be influenced by folks who are seeking their own egotistical interests at the expense of Liberiaís
According to the Voice of America broadcast on Wednesday November 9, 2005, one of your diehard supporters said, “I want to tell the international community, if they want to be sure that they want for the Liberian people to have peace, that they bring George Weah to us. Or else, we will kill. We are ready to kill for George Manneh Weah. We will die for this man, that’s what I wanted to say.” Mr. Weah, please do not allow your supporters to kill innocent men, women and children in order to advance your cause, If this transpires, the International Community will brand you a terrorist.
Mr. Weah, you must put Liberia above your personal interests, and make sure this election doesn’t end in violence. If not, the world, especially the United States where youíve made most of your investments will treat you as a criminal and freeze your assets. It is highly anticipated that the international observers will endorse this election as free and fair. You and your supporters should also embrace the election results as free and fair.
Weah, we love you, and pray that you will put your country first. Do not let your reputation as a noble humanitarian be transformed into that of a warlord. Do not allow Liberiaís fragile peace to be destroyed because you did not win the Presidential election.
May God continue to bless our beloved Country and People.
Rufus S. Berry II, President
Liberian Community Association of Northern California
November 10, 2005

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