Some new plans

I’m back from a quick visit to the States, with some exciting trips in prospect, and some new plans for the website, including, one hopes soon, some occasional video files.
During a busy few days in New York, I attended ceremonies of the Hurston Wright Foundation’s book awards, and “A Continent for the Taking” was honored with second place in the non-fiction category ( There’s an interesting contrarian take on prizes and awards in the Snippets feature on this page. Click to see the piece
I also spoke at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, passing through on Halloween weekend. Pix are posted in the Abroad in the States gallery Click to see the photos.
Last stop was the Walker Art Museum, in Minneapolis, which says it is posting video on its website: Click to visit the museum’s site.
I didn’t travel with any of my “serious” camera gear to the US, and quickly regretted it, particularly on a weekend afternoon walking around midtown Manhattan (Broadway in the lower 30s) with a friend. The previous night, said friend dropped my trusty Casio Z-55 in her cup of coffee, as she admired it. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Another link to pass along is the “greatest hits photoblog at Check out the stuff depicting daily life by kids in rural India. It was put together by Abby Stone, a high school student from St. Louis. Some of the photography is stunning, like this:
Click to see the photo.
Finally, I get a fair amount of email to the Globetrotter address, but few comments posted on the web page itself (below). I’m always happy to respond to people individually, but some comments are best shared with others, and this could include anything from suggestions of things to read, to reactions to Snippets items or to pictures or music, etc.
88 for now.

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