American Mining Accident – Lian Yue

China Digital Times

This wicked little bit of satire comes via the excellent China Digital Times website run by Xiao Qiang, at Berkeley:
By Xiao Qiang :: 2006-01-07, 10:33 PM :: Information Revolution
The following satirical post is from a Chinese blog “The Eighth Continent of Lian Yuan (? ??????): (Translated by CDT, links are added by CDT):
1?It has been said that this (mining accident) is a New Year’s gift to the Chinese government from the American government.
2?This gift has a status equal to “Ping Pong Diplomacy” in the history of US-China relations.
3?In return, China will give two pandas to the US at an appropriate time.
4?One will be called “Kuangkuang” (Kuang = Mining), another will be called “Nannan” (Nan = Accident)
5?Mr. Tang Jiaxuan will publish a new book titled “China’s mining safety conditions are the best in the world.”
6?China will build a “Monument to Killed American Miners” at an appropriate place.
7?Mr. He Zuoxiu will use calligraphy to write on the Monument “They were unfortunately born in America.”
8?Xinhua News Agency will receive the Pulitzer Prize for the world’s most comprehensive and in depth reporting on this mining accident.
9?China, North Korea and Iran held an emergency meeting on the American mining accident.
10?The three parties at this meeting reached the following unanimous conclusion: There are no mining accidents in China. There is no starvation in North Korea. And Iran does not have nuclear ambitions.

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