High-heeled kitten killer apologizes

Li Xinran – Shanghai Daily

Copyright Shanghai Daily
THE high-heeled woman who shocked China’s pet lovers
by stomping a kitten to death in a notorious video has
The woman, a Heilongjiang Province nurse named Wang
Jue, said she was despondent over a failed marriage
and allowed herself to be talked into crushing the
animal to death while the cameras rolled.
The video was later posted on the Internet and could
be downloaded for free. It was used to attract viewers
to a Website that featured videos of small animals
being stomped to death by provocative women. The
Website, which sold the discs for 15 yuan each, is no
longer operating.
Immediately after the video was posted several weeks
ago, enraged animal lovers began tracking down those
involved in making the video.
The actress and the video’s producer were traced to
Luobei County in the northern province.
The woman’s apology, and an earlier mea culpa from the
video’s producer, a cameraman at a provincial TV
station, were posted this week on the county
government’s Website. The woman expressed remorse for
her actions and their effects on others.
Wang said she is divorced, depressed and having
trouble figuring out what to do with her life. She
said her despondence led to the cruelty against the
kitten. She also said that her behavior had deeply
hurt her family, especially her daughter.
Both Wang and the man who produced the video were
suspended from their jobs after they were identified.
It was not clear what further punishments they might
face – if any – as China does not have clear-cut laws
preventing cruelty to animals.


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