Keeping things up to date…

I last signed into this space during Chinese New Year, which doesn’t make this much of a diary, does it?. There’s simply too much to do.
It’s a weak excuse, I know, but I do continue to update the other sections of the site almost daily, and would like to think there’s a rich variety of stuff to read and to look at.
In the latter category, visual content, there’s been a big leap forward lately, with my pictures having been published in a growing number of places. As of today, the most recent is The International Herald Tribune, which has run an online slide show with my April 6, 2006 column from Shanghai. Click to read more.
I’ve also been profiled for my photography by an online magazine called the Daily Shooter. You can find that article here: Click to read more.
Stay tuned…

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One thought on “Keeping things up to date…”

  1. As usual your articles, diary and collection of pics are great.
    I have moved from Dalian back to my home city of Vancouver BC with my new family, Chinese wife and step-daughter. Step-daughter is enjoying high school here very much because of relaxed class regimes and very active music program, guitar, violin, piano and song composition.
    But your blog and articles are great. I can go back to my time in Dalian by looking at your pics of old Shanghai.
    Bob Gagnon in Vancouver

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