The Crossing

Cormac McCarthy

I’ve been on a real Cormac bend for the last year. This is the fourth of his books I’ve read during that time, having admittedly discovered him late. The first part of the novel, involving Billy and the wolf, constitutes some of the best Cormac work I’ve read, and some of the best modern prose I’ve read.
The rest of the book is first rate, too, although it can’t quite sustain the exalted high of the first 100 or so pages.
I’ll provide a sample when I’m back home. Highly recommended.
The briefest of passages, just to give you a sense of the great and delicate care with language here:
“Gray sky, gray land. All day he slouches north on the wet and slouching horse through the sandy muck of upcountry roads. The rain went harrying over the road before him in the gusts of wind and rattled over his slicker and the hooftracks oozed shut behind him. In the evening he heard again the cranes overhead, passing high above the overcast, balancing beneath them the bight of the earth’s curve, earth’s weather. Their metal eyes grooved to the pathways which God has chosen for them to follow. Their hearts in flood.”

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