Devil Got My Woman

Skip James

I’ve got a Blues collection that runs into the hundreds of discs, and had somehow never come to understand until now, upon listening to this recording, what an essential genius Skip James is. Well, as they say, better late than never.
Its all Skip all the time here, solo guitar or piano — both brilliant — in accompaniment of his ambling, laconic vocals. This is simply great stuff.
“You know, I’d rather be ther devil. Rather be the devil than to be that woman’s man.
You know I’m so sorry. You know so sorry. That I ever fell in love with you.
Because you know you don’t treat me, baby like you used to do…
You know the woman that I love. The woman that I love. I stol’t her from my best friend.
But that man he got lucky and stole her back again.
You know you used to cut your kindling, and then baby I’d make you some fire.
Then I would turn on your fire. Way way away from the boggy bottom.
You know my baby don’t drink whiskey. My baby don’t drink no whiskey, and I know she ain’t crazy about wine.
No, it wasn’t nothing but the devil, he done changed my baby’s mind.
I could be right, and then again I could be wrong.
But it ain’t nothing but the devil got my baby in heat and gone.”

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