Manny Being Manny

Yes, I am a huge Boston Red Sox fan. I was in Fenway for Carlton Fisk’s walkoff homer 32 years ago today. And I watched, riveted, as the Sox pulled away from Cleveland today, and then stomped them.
I’m waiting, meanwhile, for someone to write something that breaks with the facile conventional wisdom on Manny Ramirez, a hero of this team and of this post season if there ever was one.
There was endless grief after Manny stated a few days ago that the world wouldn’t end if the Sox didn’t prevail. There was always next year, he said.
Wasn’t he right, though? And is there any clearer turning point in this series than the back to back to back home runs in Game Four, of which Manny’s was the last?
The Sox lost the game, but they showed the kind of fight and spirit that the remainder of the series would be made of. And then there was the Manny quote.
They Sox called themselves Idiots four years ago on their way to the first World Series triumph in decades, and Manny, using his own formulation, did as much again. Only a team as loose and comfortable with itself, as fearless of failure as this bunch could have come back from down 1-3 against the strong Indians, and Manny’s quote said it all.
For a great read about Manny and the Sox and baseball in general, read:

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