Living Carelessly in Tokyo and Elsewhere

John Nathan

I was sent a pre-publication copy of this memoir by John Nathan, the author and translator, and have enjoyed it immensely. It mostly deals with life at the center of the arts and intellectual scene in Tokyo (and elsewhere) in the 1960s. Look for it to come out very soon from Simon and Schuster.
Nathan has written a beautiful and intimate account of his charmed, often self-absorbed and sometimes lonely life round-tripping between Japan and the United States, and one reads it marveling at how he was able to changing metiers almost by the season and always regain his footing.

One thought on “Living Carelessly in Tokyo and Elsewhere”

  1. I read Nathan’s memoirs and thoroughly enjoyed it. In fact I thought about Mr. French when I saw the “Howard French” blurb and wondered if it was the same Howard W. French, as he’s known to the NYTimes readers. And he is! Thanks for the recommendation. — Vivian Yang, New York/Shanghai

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