The Blessing

Gonzalo Rubalcaba

I’ve had a couple of this guy’s cds for a while now and had scarcely paid them any attention for some reason.
That changed last night when I was busy writing and had left my iTunes to play on and on without minding what I was hearing.
The volume was low, but about half way into this album I began to wonder what it was that I was listening to. Quiet, powerful, soulful Jazz piano played with an utter lack of cliche.
Bill Evans? No. I know his whole oeuvre. Couldn’t be. Brad Mehldau? No. There was too much bottom to this.
I looked at my iTunes to discover it was Gonzalo. I turned up the volume, too. Then I played the whole thing again.
This was a hidden gem.
Besame Mucho, which is deconstructed and played with such imaginative flair, was the giveaway that this was a Latin artist. Silver Hollow, too, more Bill Evans like in style, is also pure genius.

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