Feeling and Form

Susanne K. Langer

An excerpt:
“An enlightened society has some means, public or private, to support its artists, because their work is regarded as a spiritual triumph, and a claim to greatness for the entire tribe. But mere epicures would hardly achieve such fame.Even chef, perfumers, and upholsterers, who produce the means of sensory pleasure for others, are not rated as the torchbearers of culture and inspired creators. Only their own advertisements bestow such titles on them. If music, patterned sound, had no other office than to stimulate and soothe our nerves, pleasing our ears as well-combined foods please our palates, might be highly popular, but never culturally important. Its historic development would be too trivial a subject to engage many people in lifelong study, though a few desperate Ph.D these mught be wrung from its anecdotal past under the rubric of “social history.” And music conservatories would be properly rates exactly like cooking schools.

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