m97画廊荣幸地宣布摄影双个展 – A Solo Photo Show in Shanghai

2 New Solo Photography Exhibitions:
Robert van der Hilst “Shanghai: 1990-1993” and
Howard W. French “Disappearing Shanghai”
Exhibition Dates: February 16 – March 21, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday February 16, 5 – 8 pm
m97 Gallery is pleased to announce two new photography exhibitions: “Shanghai: 1990-1993” by Dutch photographer Robert van der Hilst and “Disappearing Shanghai” by American photographer Howard French. Both photographers use their different camera languages to present us a grand picture of the people and streets of Shanghai beginning with Robert’s color Kodachrome works in the early 1990s to the recent past, and five years of Howard French’s black-and-white documentary work in the alleyways of Shanghai. The exhibitions begin on February 16, 2008, and m97 Gallery will hold an opening reception for the artists on Saturday February 16th from 5pm to 8pm.
Robert van der Hilst’s early color work from “Shanghai: 1990-1993” captures the early roots of this large metropolis as it readies itself for the great thrust forward towards modernization. Bringing a strong sense of color and composition to his work in the streets of Shanghai, Robert’s color Kodachrome photographs, now viewed some 18 years later, bring a sense of historical reflection after the past two decades of breakneck development in China’s financial capital. His subjects and sceneries are at once both familiar and foreign to the viewer. The subtleties and textures of Robert’s works, as well as the overall appearance of the city and its people are captured by the Dutch photographer as he first encounters a city poised on the edge of a newfound greatness. First traveling to Shanghai in 1990 on assignment for Vogue Magazine to feature a reportage of the city, Robert became fascinated by his first encounter with China and later made a total of seven trips to Shanghai in the course of three years.
American photographer Howard French’s “Disappearing Shanghai” series, is an intimate journey through many of the forgotten lanes or Nong Tangs of Shanghai. Documenting the bustling back alleyways of the now highly-developed metropolis of Shanghai, Howard’s black-and-white photographs offer a contemplation and reflection on the fading architecture of the old lanes and the people living in the shadow of Shanghai’s modernization. As the Shanghai bureau chief for the New York Times, Howard has managed to capture intimate scenes of normal people and their lives in the old lanes of Shanghai whose days are clearly numbered. As quoted in the New York Times, Howard says “ Over and over again, I have been asked by the people of these neighborhoods what is my purpose in taking pictures of these lives? Am I trying to show a bad side of China? To make fun of poor people? I have no trouble answering, and my reply is effective more often than not because it is sincere. ‘I take pictures in your neighborhood because there is something very beautiful about the lifestyle you have,’ I say. ‘Things may not be perfect, but there is a very special kind of community you have, and soon places like this will all be gone.'”
Robert van der Hilst lives in Shanghai and Paris, and is currently working on a large-scale photography project titled “Chinese Interiors”. He has worked as a photographer in Europe, South Africa and North America and his monograph “The Cubans” was published in 2001.
Howard W. French is a senior journalist for the New York Times and has been Shanghai Bureau Chief for the Times since 2003. He has won “ the Publisher’s Award” seven times and currently lives in Shanghai where he is also at work on his first novel.
For additional photographs, interviews or other media queries, please contact m97 Gallery at: info@m97gallery.com or by phone: (+8621) 6266.1597. Tuesday-Sunday 10:30-18:30.
m97 画廊 | 上海
摄影双个展 :
罗伯特·凡德·休斯特 《上海:1990-1993》 与
傅好文 《 消失的上海 》
展出日期:2008年 2月16日 – 3月21日
开幕仪式:2月16日 星期六 下午5点 – 8点
m97画廊荣幸地宣布摄影双个展:荷兰摄影师罗伯特·凡德·休斯特《上海:1990-1993》与美国摄影师及记者傅好文《 消失的上海 》即将开幕。罗伯特九十年代初拍摄的柯达彩色照片和傅好文最近五年的黑白纪实照片从不同角度为我们呈现出了上海在这两个时代的不同风情。本次展览将于2008年2月16日开始,开幕仪式定于2月16日星期六下午5点至8点,届时艺术家会莅临现场。
美国摄影师傅好文的《 消失的上海 》系列是一段在被遗忘的弄堂中游走徘徊的私人旅程。他拍摄都市中的背角街道,深切关注着现代化进程阴影下的老街和生活于其中的人。身为《纽约时报》上海分社社长的傅好文捕捉了平凡人与时日无多的老房子之间的亲密关系。 正如他在《纽约时报》中曾写到:“街坊里的人们曾多次问我,我拍摄他们的生活场景,目的是什么?是不是要显示中国的阴暗面?或嘲笑穷人?回答并不难,因为我的答复是真诚的,所以常常为人所接受。‘我在你们的街头拍照,是因为你们生活方式中一些美好的东西。’我说,‘任何事物也许都不十全十美,但这是一个极其特殊的地方,不用多久,这一切恐怕都会消失了。’”
罗伯特·凡德·休斯特生活在上海和巴黎。目前正在拍摄大型摄影作品“中国人家”系列。他曾在欧洲,南非,美洲等地从事摄影工作。1991年出版摄影图书“The Cubans”。
傅好文为《纽约时报》高级记者。自从2003年以来担任该报驻上海分社社长。曾七次荣获报业人士最高荣誉奖项“the Publisher’s Award”, 住于中国上海。目前正在上海创作一组人体艺术照片以及第一部小说。
如果您需要更多相关摄影作品,约见或者其他媒体需要,请联系m97画廊,请电邮至:info@m97gallery.com 或者电话至(+8621)6266.1597. 开放时间:每天 上午10:30 – 下午 18:30

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