Truth the Clintons Can’t Handle

Colbert King – The Washington Post

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An excerpt:
… Clinton and her advisers also misread where African Americans are in 2008.
Once upon a time, all a white politician had to do to win black votes was to be on good terms with the Congressional Black Caucus, suck up to black pastors and flatter their choirs on Sunday morning, and, oh, yeah, spread around a little money leading up to Election Day.
Those days are coming to an end.
Such condescension today is offensive to African Americans, who expect to be treated as thinking adults.
Equally off-putting was the Clintons’ assertion, once Obama’s black support became evident, that his pigmentation was the reason — as if African Americans are so color-struck that in a contest between a white and a black candidate, any black face will do.
The record shows otherwise.
Nearly half of the primary electorate in South Carolina, where Obama trounced Clinton, is black. That didn’t stop John Edwards from defeating Al Sharpton in 2004, 45 percent to 10 percent. The results were virtually the same for Sharpton in Virginia and Georgia in 2004 — states Obama carried handily this year.
Racial pride is not without limits. Whatever Al Sharpton’s contributions to civil rights, most African American voters simply didn’t see him as presidential material and voted accordingly.
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