Do Not Disturb: Sex is a hassle

MARK SCHREIBER – The Japan Times

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“Sex is a hassle,” declares a 35-year-old Tokyo salaryman. Since age
19, he’s found his hormonal urges could be satiated with adult sex aids.
“As long as I’ve got a place to do it with my omocha (toy), I don’t
need a woman,” he says. “And anyway, sex is a turnoff. It’s just as
enjoyable to do it alone and not have to worry about having to please
a partner.”
“The Ice Age of Sex,” proclaims Shukan Asahi (March 7), has arrived.
The Japan Family Planning Association, which periodically surveys
young people, observed a marked decline in interest in sex from
around 1999.
Take males in their third year of middle school — an age when puberty
should be in full bloom. Males who said they desire sex plummeted,
from 86 percent in 1987 to 36.9 percent in 2005. For females in the
same age group, the figure peaked at 37 percent in 1993; in 2005 it
had declined to 22.6.
What’s to blame for this? Could it be computer games? Or economic
“For me, games are good enough,” admits a 21-year-old woman, who
works part-time. She’s completely addicted to otome gemu (computer
games for young maidens) such as “Angelique.” “I’ve decided I’ll
never engage in sex in my life. But I’ve seen adult videos and books,
so I know what men like.”
“Girls these days are saying it’s better to have ‘pure love,’ ”
popular novelist Ira Ishida explains to Shukan Asahi. “But they’re
being overly influenced by novels distributed via cell phones and the
Internet. Before, when they weren’t under the spell of so much
information, I think they could pick up the signals from their own
bodies, and respond more directly to their curiosity.”
“I don’t have the money or the sense of responsibility,” shrugs a 30-
year-old man. “If I bring a child into this world, I can’t support
it. So I don’t have sex.”
He’s even gone so far as to enroll in the Japan Cherry Boys’
Association, an organization of male virgins (http://, where he’s got plenty of company. Founded in 1998,
the organization’s membership now exceeds 600.
The Japan Times: Sunday, March 2, 2008

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