Using jet lag as an excuse just wouldn’t fly

Dan Shaughnessy – The Boston Globe

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March 22, 2008
TOKYO – I am here to tell you that this whole jet lag thing is overrated. I know Mike Mussina is still trying to recover from his 2004 trip to Japan with the Yankees, but most Red Sox players should be OK by the time they play the Hanshin Tigers at the Tokyo Dome this afternoon.
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That’s not the conventional wisdom, of course. We’re trained to think that jet lag is worse than childbirth and water boarding. Seasoned travelers, physicians, and the Players’ Association would have you believe that a 12-hour flight from Chicago to Tokyo is equal to NFL two-a-days or 15 rounds with Floyd Mayweather. For those truly in need of an excuse, a long plane ride across the international dateline gives you plenty of ammo.
The Red Sox official handbook for this trip includes more than a page under the heading “Fighting Jet Lag.”
“Jet lag is a very real factor that all international travelers must deal with,” started the memo, which went on to suggest drinking plenty of water and avoiding coffee and alcohol. Sox team internist Dr. Larry Ronan also suggested the players avoiding sleeping on the plane to get their body clocks on Japan time.
“That went out the window for me in the middle of the flight when I saw Dr. Ronan snoring with the mask over his eyes and a glass of wine in front of him,” said manager Terry Francona. “I feel like [expletive] today, but I feel like [expletive] every day, so I’m fine. We’re fine.”
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