Falling Behind: Globalization and its Discontents

Henry A. Kissinger – The International Herald Tribune

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An excerpt from an essay by Kissinger.
…As a start, I offer the following prescriptives:
The first imperative is to recognize that these problems are the blemishes of great success. Debate about shortcomings of the process should not degenerate into attacks on its basic conceptual framework, as has happened too frequently in the U.S. presidential campaign. Political leaders must avoid – not encourage – the protectionism that led to disaster in the 1930s.
The parameters of the national security limits to globalization should be established on a national basis rather than left to pressure groups, lobbyists and electoral politics. In the United States, the next administration should establish a bipartisan commission at the highest level to study what constitutes an indispensable strategic U.S. industrial and technological base and the measures to preserve it. High among its priorities must be a hard look at an educational system that creates too few engineers and technologists in comparison with our competitors. The criterion should be what is essential for national security, not to shield enterprises from the competition essential for global growth. That line will not be easy to draw, and the effort risks political manipulation. But the problem will not go away and at some point will become unmanageable…
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