Kobe versus Michael Jordan. Huh?

Joe Posnanski

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Here a couple of very entertaining riffs from one of my favorite sports writers.
His blog is usually a very good read, and the entire item, which I’m only excerpting here is both fun and illuminating.
… *I used to have an old newspaper editor who weaned me off the word ”arguably“ because, he said, ”Everything is arguable.“ He’s wrong about that. Kobe vs. Michael is not arguable.
Yes, this is the first time I feel really EMOTIONAL about an athlete of my childhood. I really do mean no offense to Kobe — OK, maybe a little offense, I don’t like him much, and I am partial to others like Tim Duncan, and I’d rather have Chris Paul or LeBron — but I appreciate that he’s a great player, one of the best of his time. But comparing him to Michael? What? I can’t help it … that infuriates me….
… In any case, I was thinking about this again while watching the NBA Finals end on Tuesday in ignominy and disgrace for Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. I mean, seriously, the Lakers lost by THIRTY NINE POINTS. I won’t lie: That gave me some old man joy. The Lakers seemed to think they were playing a preseason game in Dubuque. They didn’t just get outclassed, they played like they didn’t care. Kobe was laughably bad. He was 7 for 22 from the field, he had one assist, four turnovers — you got the sense he only brought a carry-on bag with him to Boston.
And the argument is over. Forever. I don’t care what happens from here on out, I don’t care how many points Kobe scores or how many good years he has left, nobody with sense will ever have the gall again to compare Kobe and Michael. It’s not even worth saying that what happened to the Lakers on Tuesday could not possibly have happened to a Michael Jordan TEAM. What is worth saying is that Michael Jordan playing BY HIMSELF would have put up a better fight….
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