New Wine

I’ve been away from the site for an unusually long period of time, in large part because I’ve been so busy with the relocation to New York, and the switch to my new job at Columbia. Things are settling down though, and nicely. All of the rhythms of life have changed abruptly for me, but the teaching has been very enjoyable so far, and as I get a few of the remaining wrinkles worked out, I’ll begin to busy myself with a lot of new writing assignments, some of which are in progress already, and some big new photography projects, as well.
I’ve managed to begin some interesting new work with the camera here already, and only look for the momentum to gather.
Mini-announcement, I am looking for models to work with to further the nude portraiture work that can be found on my photography site. If any visitor here is interested, please contact me directly.
Eventually, I hope to do a redesign of this site. In the meantime, I plan a lot more diary entries, more in a blogging vein.
Stay tuned!

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