Back at last with a news flash

This website has been paralyzed, very frustratingly, for the last few months, which have been a period of unusual richness for me in terms of projects, personal experiences, and new adventures.
The first month of the summer was spent in Myanmar (Burma), where I taught a series of workshops for local photojournalists. It was my first trip to Burma, and the experience of photographing there intensively, day after day, was extraordinarily fulfilling.
I’ve put some of my color work from the trip on Glimpse Click to see images, my companion website, but my most serious work was done in medium format using black and white film, and although I’ve recently developed that material and eyeballed the negatives, I won’t be able to show it until I get back to New York in a few weeks, and scan it all properly. Stay tuned. The Mamiya 7 that I bought expressly for this project was a real dream to work with.
Since mid-June, I’ve been back in Shanghai busying myself in a number of other ways: teaching a summer course on China (with CIEE) at East China Normall University that’s derived from my Columbia J-School China Seminar; photographing the city in snatches toward a variety of ends, one of which is a collaborative book project with a well-known Chinese author, about which I’ll hopefully have a lot more to say soon. Another mini-project has consisted of portrait a single city block in one Shanghai’s few surviving old neighborhoods. Throughout the summer, I’ve returned to this particular place , which I had somehow never photographed seriously before, dozens of times. I’m excited about making prints in the fall.
I’ve also photographed more nudes in studio in Shanghai this summer, continuing the work in this vein that I began here a couple of years ago Click to see the images , and pushing hard to developing my style further. I’ll be updating the gallery seen at the link above of this work in September
As I write, I am visiting Dali, in southern Yunnan Province, as a solo exhibitor at the Second Annual Dali International Photography Festival Click to read more. For this event, I was asked to exhibit some of my personal work to date, images that represent a real departure from what I usually do: pastoral landscapes from the Virginia Piedmont area where my family is from Click to see Echo Valley. This is the second big Chinese photography festival my work has been featured in, the first being a solo exhibition of Disappearing Shanghai at the Lianzhou International Photography Festival in 2008. Click to see NYT’s Lens Blog on Disappearing Shanghai
This summer, I’ve also been reporting three magazine articles, all due soon, on Burma, on Japan and on China.
After a very productive two years of magazine writing and other journalism, I expect this to be my last big fling with freelance work for a while, because of what is perhaps the biggest news of the summer, the receipt of a generous fellowship from the Open Society Institute Click to read more to research a book on Chinese migration to Africa, which I will begin working on in earnest in September 2010.

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