Inside Betty Carter

Not one of the better known albums by the late BC, perhaps my favorite in the immediate post-Sarah, post-Ella generation of female Jazz vocalist.
Betty almost always sang in deeply personal ways about old-fashioned love for her man, but with an emotional truth that put her best work way over the top.
As I sat working on an article this afternoon, I was really struck by her rendition of Some Other Time, which is superb in both its timing and voicing:

“Yes, some other time I could resist you. Not now. There is no word, now that I’ve kissed you with all that is me, honey.
“Imagine me thinking you could never phase me; the tricks my imagination plays on me me.
“You smile and this heart of mine betrays me. You know it is so.
“Let’s take a vow to love forever, not some other time. Let’s wait no longer. Not some other time, but now.”

I must add that This is Always, the first track on the CD is the best version of this song I’ve heard.

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