Is China Drinking its Own Kool-Aid?

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This has been a strange and unsettling year for Chinese geopolitical strategists. Like French generals, they seem intent on fighting the last war, even as new challenges appear on their doorstep.

China recently issued a White Paper on “China’s Peaceful Development”. It revisits the old tropes of the “Chinese way” of apolitical commitment to economic development as the panacea for “win-win” peaceful world progress – and the basis for welcoming China into the world geopolitical order as a key

participant, not a detested competitor.
Peace and development are the two major issues of today’s world. Peace, development and cooperation are part of the irresistible global trend. The world today is moving towards multipolarity and economic globalization is gaining momentum. There is a growing call for change in the international system and the world is facing more historical challenges. To share opportunities presented by development and jointly ward off risks is the common desire of the people of the world.

Economic globalization has become an important trend in the evolution of international relations. Countries of different systems and different types and at various development stages are in a state of mutual dependence, with their interests intertwined. The problem is not that China doesn’t believe in – or practice – these lofty aspirations. [1]
In fact, while the West has cratered the world economy and blundered into a series of illegal and semi-legal and ill-conceived military ventures that have brought untold suffering to millions of people, the Chinese government has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty and hasn’t fought a serious military engagement since the disastrous Vietnam incursion in 1979.

The problem is that most of the nations that matter don’t, or at least are unwilling to accept a world order that rewards China for its achievements in state capitalism with an important and respected voice in the affairs of the world.

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