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Research Assistant

I seek to recruit a part-time assistant for help with fact-checking and bibliographic research in a variety of languages aimed at turning up additional source material related to a non-fiction book project that is well underway.

The book’s subject is the major role that Africa and its diaspora have played in the launching of what is familiarly thought of as the modern world. This is a work of history that spans four continents (Europe, Africa, South and North America), plus the Caribbean Sea, and five centuries, beginning in the 14th C.

The ideal candidate will be someone who already has or is pursuing a degree in history
(graduate preferred), is widely read, has a solid grounding in scholarly historical research
methods, and can work independently and in a highly focused way.

Knowledge of the late Middle Ages and the early Modern Era, European economic history in
these eras, Atlantic history, African history and the history of New World slavery would be
especially valuable. An ability to retrieve and read archival materials in at least one of the
following languages, listed in descending order of importance, is a requirement: Portuguese,
Dutch and Spanish. An ability to work in more than one of these languages, along with French, would be especially helpful. Association with a university library system (or comparable) to which the candidate has full access is also required.

This job can start now and run through late winter 2019 or early spring 2020.

If interested, please write me for further details and include a CV.