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Have China’s Value Propositions Become More Attractive Than America’s?

After my first book came out in 2004, I received a surprise phone call from an assistant to former United States Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, asking if I would meet with him to talk about Africa. Sitting together in his executive’s office at Citibank’s headquarters in Manhattan, he averred that if Al Gore were to win that year’s presidential election, he could return to a leading position in government, and he wanted to know if there was one initiative Washington could take to engage with Africa, what would I suggest?. Wednesday, June 5, 2019, WPR.

America’s Collision Course With China

The Chinese superpower has arrived. Could America’s failure to grasp this reality pull the United States and China into war? Howard W. French’s “Everything Under the Heavens: How the Past Helps Shape China’s Push for Global Power” does so through a deep historical and cultural study of the meaning of China’s rise from the point of view of the Chinese themselves. Judith Shapiro review, front page, Sunday, June 15, NYT Book Review.

The Chip on China’s Shoulder

China’s leaders wield historical maps like a bludgeon, and their spurious claims now constitute what many Chinese believe is a “natural order” that must be restored. Stephen R. Platt reviews “Everything Under the Heavens” by Howard W. French. March 24, 2017. WSJ



Book Review: 'China's Second Continent' by Howard W. French

Africa is seen as El Dorado in China—more than a million Chinese have settled on the continent. WSJ

The Settlers

‘China’s Second Continent,’ by Howard W. French
Review by Alexis Okeowo for The New York Times

China's Second Continent

French’s stories form an often brutal tale of exploitation, racism and mutual mistrust. He summarized his findings in his new book, China’s Second Continent, an easy-to-read, shocking account about the Chinese presence in Africa. — Read the complete FT review

Dark Years on a Dark Continent

The Washington Post

Why Africa can't catch a break: Malaria, ebola, and Gen. Butt Naked.

A Continent for the Taking: The Tragedy and Hope of Africa By Howard French. The Washington Monthly

The African Predicament

Howard French has written a passionate, heartbreaking and ultimately heartbroken book about covering West Africa's blood-soaked descent into a nightmare of war and greed. By Deborah Scroggins The Nation

Inside Africa: An Insightful Examination of the Continent's Past and Future

An insightful examination of the continent's past and present. The Chicago Tribune